Stephen Marcus

Stephen was born in Portsmouth, England and became an actor in 1984 after 3 years of training at Arts Educational Schools in London. He left college and immediately his film career began with his first film role as Moose in the cult film “My Beautiful Laundrette”.


After a few years working in Theatre, Commercials and supporting roles on TV he joined the cast of fledgling comedy “Birds of a Feather” as Dave, the lover of Sharon (Pauline Quirke). He was originally in 2 episodes but made such an impact with the fans that he was bought back for the third series. Stephen met up with Peter Richardson in the garden of actress, novelist and fashion icon Sarah Stockbridge. Peter asked him if he was available to do a day’s work on “The Glam Metal Detectives” for the Comic Strip”, 1 day became 3 months and he played literally hundreds of characters and in 2012 he was asked back by Peter to be in the 30 year anniversary Comic Strip show “5 go to Rehab”.


A year of TV commercials introduced him to director Peter Chelsom, Peter cast him right away as Gordon in “Hear my Song” opposite Ned Beatty. Then there were a couple of years getting great roles on British TV, in the likes of “The Hot Dog Wars”, “Dangerfield” and “Kavanagh QC” and “Our Friends in the North” opposite Malcolm McDowell and Daniel Craig.


His movie career was moving alongside this at quite a pace with roles opposite Timothy Dalton in “The Beautician and the Beast”, Robert Englund in “The Killer Tongue” and Richard Harris in “Savage Hearts”.


In 1996 his agent set up a meeting on a small low budget movie with an unknown director named Guy Ritchie; Guy offered him the role of Nick the Greek in his movie “Lock Stock and 2 Smoking Barrels”. 3 years later the film was released and became the biggest British movie in the last 20 years and launched the careers of Nick Moran, Vinnie Jones, Guy Ritchie, Jason Statham, and Mathew Vaughn.


“Lock Stock and 2 Smoking Barrels” led on to more movies and Hollywood started knocking on the door. Alan Parker had him do a small role in “Angela’s Ashes”, Philip Kaufman asked him to play Bouchon in “Quills” alongside Kate Winslett, Michael Caine, Joaquin Phoenix and Geoffrey Rush. Richard Eyre called on him twice, for “Iris” opposite Judy Dench and in “Complete Female Stage Beauty” with Clare Danes. This was followed by the role of Ted Ray in “The Greatest Game Ever Played” directed by Bill Paxton, Bill had seen his work and after speaking to his agent he called Stephen from his car phone (very Hollywood) and offered him the part. Stephen has had the pleasure of doing two films with the Warchowski Brothers and Jeff McTeigue – “Speed Racer” and “Ninja Assassin”.


Alongside a very successful movie career he did several TV series for the USA, Canada and the UK.  “Starhunter 2300” in which he played Rudolpho De Luna, he played the co-lead in the BBC series “Cavegirl”. he played Banjo and Broadman in the adaptations of Terry Prachett’s “Hogfather” and “The Colour of Magic” for Sky TV, plus the two 20th anniversary episodes of “Casualty” and regular roles in “Kingdom” (with Stephen Fry) and “Larkrise to Candleford”.


2013/14 saw Stephen on the West End stage in the musical, The Bodyguard (based on the film with Whitney Huston and using her music), he played Tony Schibelli. It also saw the release of "It's a Lot", "The Smoke", "AB ~Negative" and "Fast and Furious 6"


He is married to the most beautiful woman in the world, Sarah and they have 2 small dogs, Fry and Ronnie.


Stephen's two main hobbies are he loves to play golf (at which he is terrible) and he loves American Football, which he used to play and coach with the London Olympians.