Stephen Marcus

"AB Negative" has been released in America and UK this October. It has a new tilte in the UK -  "The London Firm" and can be found on itunes and Amazon

I play crime boss Mr Fines, a man who wants his bag back and will stop at nothing to have it.

Set in the back of a moving van, 2 hitmen are pitted against each other by Fines

to get him his bag and pay for their past misdemeanors.

Starring Vincent Regan, Seb Castang, Stephen Marcus and Csilla Barath

AB Negative

"EastEnders" speculation is rife about my forthcoming appearance on Eastenders in May/June 2015. I can't confirm or deny this speculation but if you watch the show all will be revealed. until then you can read what

the press thinks at these links on google. Just click on the EastEnders logo.


This is my favourite article because it refers to me as a Legend


"Benidorm" I have finished filming an episode of the TV Series "Benidorm" in Benidorm Spain. I don't have an

airing date yet but I believe it'll be in January 2016. Look out for my Spanish accent.

Filming in Benidorm was a lot of fun and the British holidaymakers loved it.

For a sneek preview shot on a phone while filming on the boardwalk in Benidorm click